25+ Ways to Save Battery on Your Mobile Smartphone

Here are some of the many ways you can keep your phone (iPhone, Nokia smartphones, even your DROID) running for a longer while, even when its dieing.

1. Turn off unneeded widgets
2. Turn off push mail, weather, etc.
3. Turn off themes
4. Turn off 3G, EDGE, and Wi-Fi when not in us
5. Turn off auto-brightness
Turn down your display brightness
7. Turn off applications running in the background such as GPS, mail,and music players
8. Turn off notifications
9. Keep it out of the heat
10. Don’t constantly respring, restart or turn off and turn on your phone
11. Reduce number of email accounts for the phone to check
12. Minimize use of heavy programs such GPS or high graphics games
13. Keep music player’s equalizer to stock rather than reducing or boosting a specific feature such as bass, treble, vocal, etc.
14. Keep it locked or put it on hold when not in use, the display takes a large amount of battery
15. Turn off Bluetooth and/or infrared (infra-what?)
16. Reduce use of speakerphone
17. Turn off audio and vibration in games
18. Keep phone’s firmware, version or operating system up to date
19. Turn off features that find your location, such as Location Services on the iPhone
20. Turn off lock and unlock sounds, keyboard clicks and sent messages or email sounds
21. Use autolock to lock your phone automatically, minimize the time your phone locks in
22. Fetch emails less often
23. Forward all of your email accounts to Gmail so you can check all emails at once
24. Turn off accelerometer or avoid constantly switching between portrait and landscape
25. Avoid downloading and installing apps from online stores such as Ovi Store or App Store on your phone, wait until you have access to a computer and do it there.
26. Carry around a travel adapter if possible

[Source: http://www.hexryde.com]



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